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Graduate (m/f) - Karlovac

Rok prijave: 06.02.2013.Poslodavac može zatvoriti oglas i prije isteka roka za prijavu, ukoliko primi zadovoljavajući broj prijava ili među pristiglim prijavama pronađe odgovarajućeg kandidata za objavljenu poziciju.

An 18-months International
Graduate Programme in

with landing roles available in over
70 countries in the world.

200 brands
70+ countries
3 placements
18 months

At HEINEKEN, we’re looking for the spark in you. Through training programs, real responsibility from day one, continuous improvement, and a focus on quality and performance we will groom you into a star.

All these are then refreshingly packed in a culture of enjoyment that makes the HEINEKEN world unique.

Every year HEINEKEN employs graduates directly into different roles across our business and through graduate recruitment schemes in some of our local markets, whilst some of these programmes have an international element, we have a specific programme for those focused on a long term international career.

Our International Graduate Programme (IGP) is your chance to make an impact from day one. Our aim is to develop a pool of internationally minded individuals with the potential and capability to become leaders within HEINEKEN. Once on board you will enjoy responsibility, development opportunities, training, coaching, travel and an environment that both stimulates intellectually and rewards high performance.

If you want to shine on a global stage and gain the opportunity to work in almost every continent in the world, then visit the HEINEKEN IGP website at and find out more!

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